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Big in Japan?


On September 18th 2015, Japan joined several countries worldwide with a first approval for a regenerative based product.

The Japan Ministry of Labour and Welfare has approved a stem cell based product to help counteract the effects of acute GHVD (Graft Versus Host Disease), a serious and sometimes life-threatening side effect that arises after a stem cell transplant from a donor. This news again reinforces the fact that to have one’s own stem cells safely stored eliminates GHVD entirely.

The Japanese product is derived from stem cells donated from bone marrow, a costly and invasive procedure. The product has to be administered via slow intravenous infusion at an interval of approx. 3 days, for 4-8 weeks according to the degree of symptoms.

JCR Pharmaceuticals in Japan have issued a statement saying that this product (Temcell) is subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties’.