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How to beat diabetes with stem cells


The number of news stories about stem cell research is increasing, and when each new development is announced, it shows a huge amount of public and academic hope for what the future may bring in regards to stem cell development. What about the developments that have led to procedures that are now already effective and in place?

Researchers in the US have figured out how to reproduce pancreatic beta cells, which are the cells that produce insulin. As we already know, diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce regular levels of insulin, which can lead to a number of well-documented health problems.

Recent regenerative medicine researchers have made some impressive inroads in terms of bringing this potential breakthrough to the point where it can be used safely on humans and rolled out globally. With mice being used for the initial trials, as is the case for the beginning of many clinical tests so as not to danger any humans with an unknown procedure, it was discovered that, in fact, the mice started to produce their own insulin (they were all selected because they did not produce any in the first place, to lend the trials obvious credibility) and thus eliminate the need to inject insulin into the body.

This incredible development shows just how far this particular field of research has come in the last decade or so. From just hearing about vague potential to saving lives in such a short space of time is pretty astounding, and we can only wonder what can be treated in the future considering what we can already do now.

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