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The BBC and frozen sperm? BioEden the Tooth Stem Cell Bank comments


As the BBC reports on a call for 18 year old men to have their sperm frozen, BioEden the tooth stem cell bank adds their support the to freezing and storing cells whilst young and at their healthiest.

As freezing and banking sperm from young men hits the headlines, the reasons for banking stem cells from a young child’s tooth become increasingly clear.

The BBC reported that a wide range of childhood disorders have been linked to delayed fatherhood. Bioethicists argue that sperm should be frozen young to reduce the risks that result from older sperm – sperm that naturally changes during the ageing process.

It’s this same philosophy that drives BioEden the tooth stem cell bank to urge parents to bank the stem cells from a naturally shed milk tooth. As stem cell medicine looks certain to become the routine medicine of the future, the need to have a perfect stem cell match from young healthy cells is the critical factor between success and failure. The only natural way of doing this without the need for surgical intervention is from baby teeth. BioEden believes that the freezing of ones own healthy stem cells will become the norm and over time will reduce costs to health care providers including the NHS.

The problems and costs associated with finding a stem cell match are entirely obliterated when ones own stem cells are readily available.

As BioEdens operation continues to expand around the world, the company uniquely can offer a membership plan that costs from just £5 per month.

To read the full BBC article here

For information on banking your own cells from teeth please contact B. on 0208 4770 336