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Another ‘world first’ for tooth cell bank BioEden


BioEden member reveals the dramatic improvement of symptoms from debilitating diabetes just 12 weeks into therapy using his own tooth cells.

When diabetes mellitus came to claim 39 year old Fernandez Carillo, he was able to have stem cell therapy, without the worry and wait of finding a suitable match, because his own viable cells had been cryogenically preserved by specialist stem cell bank BioEden; stem cells which they had tested, validated, preserved and transported back to the hospital.

Carillo’s decision to bank his own tooth cells, had given him a direct route to stem cell therapy, giving him back hope, dignity, and had bridged the gap to much better health.

Although stem cells have already been used in the treatment of diabetes, this is the first time that stem cells from a tooth have been used, a procedure which removes the stem cells from the tooth after it has been shed naturally or extracted for orthodontic purposes. The successful use of preserved tooth cells in the treatment of diabetes is another world first for BioEden.

Mike Byrom, Chief Scientific Officer for BioEden said, ‘Based on the measured clinical results and the verbal testimonial from this BioEden member, this treatment was a complete success which has significantly improved the quality of life of this patient. A critical factor in its success was swift access to his own viable cells, cryogenically preserved, a perfect stem cell match’.