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80% success rate in the treatment of blindness


In a report issued by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), stem cell therapy to treat blindness has been successful in 80% of cases.

The treatment, Holoclar- is a stem cell treatment which is fully approved in the European Union (EU).

The treatment is being used to treat a rare eye condition that can lead to blindness. As we blink we naturally strip cells off the surface of our eyes, which are then replaced with limbal stem cells which keep the eyes healthy. Some people do not have enough limbal cells, often through accident or attack from burns or acid. This means that scarring occurs on the eyes surface which in turn can lead to blindness.

The treatment works by taking a small sample of remaining cells, which are then grown into large numbers in the laboratory, and then placed back onto the eye’s surface.

This treatment has full EU approval which means it can be offered widely and is not limited to case by case settings.

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(Source: BBC News January 2015.