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5 Mysteries About The Tooth Fairy Unravelled


The tooth fairy exists – as far as our kids are concerned. So what do you do when they come armed with questions about everything from where she lives to how she fits underneath the pillow? Here we run down five common queries to help you keep the myth alive.

Thought to have been around at least a century, the Tooth Fairy is a mysterious little being, known throughout the Western world for her daring nocturnal antics.

An expert at remaining hidden, not much is known about her. All we know is she simply slips into the room of a sleeping child, swaps their baby teeth for a small payment of some kind, and flies back off into the night.

With a little help from the book, Fairies: A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm, we ask a few questions to try to understand who the Tooth Fairy is and how her business works.

How does the Tooth Fairy know who has lost their teeth?

Similar to Mr. Claus, the Tooth Fairy knows all the names of all the children in the world. She stores them in what she calls ‘The Tooth Library’, that’s found deep inside her castle.

To keep track of all the wobbly teeth, little sprites travel the world during the day, jotting down the names of children with loose teeth in their log books. At dusk, before setting off to make her rounds, the Tooth Fairy checks the log book and makes a note of who she’s going to visit that night.

What happens to all the teeth she collects?

All the teeth the Tooth Fairy collects are gathered in a vast storeroom in the castle.

Her elf and pixie friends then use the teeth to make jewellery and sell them to fairies who travel from near and far to the castle to buy them.

What does she look like?

The Tooth Fairy is known as one of the smallest and prettiest fairies in existence. Immaculately dressed in a shimmering white gown and silk slippers, and with shining hair as if laced with glitter, she is the envy of other fairies and gives off a golden glow when she flies.

Why has no one ever seen her?

If a child is stirring while the Tooth Fairy is near, she merely sprinkles a pinch of fairy dust from her gold silk purse over them to send them back to sleep.

What does she give in exchange for a tooth?

This one is pretty much up to you. Coins seem to be the Tooth Fairy’s choice of currency, presumably as they can be slid under a pillow with little disturbance.

According to the CDA Journal, the Tooth Fairy in the US leaves an average of $3.70 (£2.80) per tooth. You can mix up the value of certain teeth to make her visits particularly exciting. But don’t build up too much anticipation; the last thing you want is your child to be pretending to be asleep when you, the mystical little fairy that oozes elegance, clambers in to try and sneak money under their heads.

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