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4 Ways To Make Brushing Teeth Fun


Baby teeth will fall out. We all know it — heck, even our kids seem to know it.

Surely that means a cavity or two, here and there, and a relaxed approach to making them brush their teeth is okay…right?!

Wrong. The health of your child’s mouth and their baby teeth can have a significant impact on their long-term oral health and even their general well-being. And let’s not get into how painful and costly cavities can be to fill.

Children’s baby teeth are essentially place-holders for future adult teeth. Maintaining a healthy set of baby teeth is an excellent way to ensure a healthy set of adult teeth.

But good oral hygiene has a whole lot more to offer than a fine and sparkling set of gnashers. Since the discovery of stem cells in our teeth over a decade ago, families all around the world are harnessing their incredible potential by storing their child’s baby teeth in tooth stem cell banks for future use. Every day these incredible building blocks of life are proving to treat another ailment and injury, including diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord damage, and heart failure.

From the gums all the way to the enamel, make sure your children’s teeth are well cared for by making brushing their teeth more fun. You’ll not only be helping to avoid frequent trips to the orthodontist and the expense of braces but also be taking a big step toward looking after their precious stem cells and safeguarding their future health.

Let Your Kids Practice On You

It may be a little uncomfortable for you, but it will no doubt be enjoyable for your kids. Skip the fighting with them to open their mouths and simply let them loose to practice on yours — if you’re a good actor you can make it seem fun, and no doubt they’ll soon want in on the action.

Be A Tooth Brushing Idol

Sticking with the acting theme, everyone knows how much kids like to mimic their idols and play grown-up. Boys watch in awe as their fathers’ shave while girls attempt to plaster their mother’s make-up and lipstick all over their faces.

Any routine that seems reserved especially for the grown-ups can be made appealing. Try letting your kids watch you go through a well-rehearsed flossing and brushing routine, making a point to show pride in your work and the importance of doing a thorough job.

Offer Mini Incentives & Rewards

A reward doesn’t have to mean a new toy or a trip to their favourite destination — stickers are just as much of an incentive as any.

Create or buy a calendar and stickers that your children will love and at the end of every day, if they have successfully brushed their teeth morning and night, give them a sticker to mark their efforts. At the end of the week or month, this could lead to a bigger reward, say for instance extra pocket money or maybe even that special toy.

Make It Into A Game

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to learning.

Something as dull as brushing your teeth can be transformed into an incredible mission to destroy bugs and cavities that are on the loose in your mouth. The weapon of choice: a toothbrush with a powerful foaming paste to drown them out. Add to the drama by putting on some music and a timer and if they manage to last the recommended two-minutes, they win!

Contact us today to find out how we can help safeguard the health of your children by storing stem cells from milk teeth.